Concealed Carry - Handgun License

This is the basic gun safety class. It is the first step to obtaining Oklahoma's concealed carry license. You will need a semi-automatic pistol with 50 rounds of ammunition for this class. If you do not have a gun/ammo, rentals are available. We hold weekly classes at our south BA range and monthly classes in Pryor. We also offer the NRA Basic Pistol course. It costs more, but will provide much more information than the basic SDA class, and you will receive a number of helpful NRA publications, as well as the handbook of Basic Pistol Marksmanship. This is a great class for the beginner or one who needs a good refresher. Students who complete this course will receive an NRA certificate, as well as the certificate necessary to complete the Oklahoma Carry License application.

CCW Concealed Carry Class


NRA Basic Pistol, Tulsa OK