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Daniel King
Mon February 19, 2018

Wonderful class. I learned alot and I would recommend it.

James Roberts
Sun February 4, 2018

Jeremiah & Jeremy are the real items! They are the consummate firearm/personal security professionals critically supplementing required CCW education with practical life experiences, gun management, and critical lethal weapon psychology. Those of any skill-set seeking CCW licensing would be well served by the Guardian Shooting Solutions team programs. I believe every family should attend their CCW class even if they have no intentions to carry or even own a gun. Pacifist and soldier are equally served by the 2nd Amendment, which is the spin of the embodiment of who and what America represents to the world. God has blessed America and it is incumbent upon us not to take His gift of "Free Will" for granted. Protect and Serve every citizens responsibility to their local Community.

Rozella Bays
Sat December 16, 2017

This was my first time to take a class on handling a gun. Very interesting and informative I love the one on one time I received on how to handle a gun safety!

Wed December 6, 2017

These guys (Jeremiah and Jeremy ) were amazing ! Their teaching skills were incredible . Funny and informative all in one . Range time safe and orderly ! Learned SO MUCH TODAY !! Can't wait to take the defensive training class . If you are at all considering getting your conceal carry this Is the place to be !

Wed December 6, 2017

My wife and I both took their conceal carry class today 12-2-2017. Both instructors were friendly, informative, and helpful in both the classroom and at the shooting range. Safety was a high priority and I can honestly say that my wife and I felt comfortable and never worried about our well-being.

Wed December 6, 2017

Concealed carry class was great. Jeremiah and Jeremy were friendly, professional, and effective as instructors. I look forward to training more with them in the future.

Sun November 5, 2017

Took the conceal carry class. These guys are awesome instructors. I would recommend them to all who want to get their license. They made learning easy and fun

Brandon Adams
Sun October 29, 2017

Just took my 5th class with Jeremy, (missed bars. Bo was awesome. ) this was an all day, hands on, real world scenario, eye opening day of training... that's nothing but the norm with these guys. The hand to hand and low light portions were extremely enlightening and fun, learning some things i didnt know before, as usual with Guardian, and I love to take these classes. Do yourself a favor and sign up for the defensive pistol courses. All of em. You won't regret it one bit. Jeremy and Bo, Thank you for your knowledge, professionalism, courtesy and most of all friendship. Great class as expected! See y'all on the range!

Gary Scherer
Mon September 25, 2017

My girlfriend and I attended the Sept 16, 2017 “Concealed Carry” class. I have attended many handgun classes over the years, but I must say this was head and shoulders above any I have attended to date. Jeremy and Jeremiah are most knowledgeable. There classroom portion of the training was most incite full and very thought provoking particularly in one’s responsibly if it becomes necessary to use deadly force. The on range portion of the training went beyond just shooting 50 rounds with Jeremy and Jermiah providing one-on-one instruction to each student pointing out specific information to increase one’s accuracy. I would highly recommend Guardian Shooting Solutions.

Brent Harris
Tue September 19, 2017

My wife and I attended the concealed carry class 9/16/17. My wife was not too excited about the class as she thought it would be a little too masculine and make her feel uncomfortable. She was very pleasantly surprised to find out that our instructors Jeremiah and Jeremy were netiher arrogant nor did they make her feel uncomfortable, rather they made her and myself feel very comfortable and we enjoyed the class very much. Jeremy and Jeremiah were very knowledgeable and explained things in a way that was relatable and easy to understand. these guys also made the class fun and their personalities are well suited for public training. I would highly recommend taking your concealed carry class with these guys. THEY ARE AWESOME!!

Larry D.
Mon July 17, 2017

I completed the July 15 class. One word - excellent! I am an experienced hunter with long gun and archery experience. I have attended hunter safety courses multiple times with family members and friends. This was the best class I have attended regarding firearm usage. Safety was the foundation of the course. Jeremy and his assistants were top notch. I would recommend this course to anyone that is ever exposed to handgun usage even if they don't plan to open or conceal carry.

Sun June 18, 2017

Took the Concealed carry class on 6-17. The class had very good information and instructor was great! Definitely will be back for the home defense class soon!

Sun June 18, 2017

I took the defensive pistol training. The instructors were excellent! I learned the basics to handle my firearm. I am impressed with their patience and knowledge. I will be back for sure!

Sun June 18, 2017

Completed the class today and had a blast!!! I will admit I was not excited about giving up a Saturday but I really enjoyed it and plan on taking one of the defensive classes this fall.

Mon April 10, 2017

Your class was excellent and very well taught. It was never boring and your son is a very respectful young man and very smart as well as funny. I am glad i took your class and will refer you to anyone that wants to take the CCW course. Thank you

Fri April 7, 2017

Thanks for class on Saturday; I had a great time, and learned a tremendous amount. I really appreciate you taking the time to go through the liability aspect of it, no doubt.

Fri April 7, 2017

Thank you for a great and informative CCW class!

Michael wells
Sat March 25, 2017

I took the Defensive Pistol 1 class today and it was honestly the best thing I could have done. The reality of it was before the class I wasn't near as good as I thought I was. And honestly after the class I'm still not as good as I thought I was but I'm much closer now. The training received today was pretty much exactly what i needed. Learning how to manipulate a firearm from the holster to on target as fast and safe as possible. They gave us things to work on during the class. Even though it's not a 1 on 1 class it feels like it is because the instructors walk from person to person and watch them and take a few extra minutes several times throughout the day to work with you on an individual basis. They see what you need to work on when you don't know what you're doing wrong. So you take their advice and try your best to do things the way they tell you to do it and I promise you will be better when you leave than you were when you got there. I learned more today than I ever expected to learn. The instructors are great. And the class is perfect. Do yourself a favor and take this class if you're going to have a firearm on your person every day. You will be glad you took this class.

Chris L
Sun March 19, 2017

Joe and Kenny are great instructors. I've owned guns for years and these guys taught me a lot. When we think we know how to handle a firearm and shoot a firearm properly, there is so much more to it. These guys opened my eyes to another level of safety and the proper way to shoot. I HIGHLY recommend that you go to these guys for your training. They made it very fun and enjoyable as well. They practice what they preach and are passionate about our 2nd Amendment right.

Kevin and Cathie
Sat March 11, 2017

Sorry for taking so long to get my testimonial in but I left the class and headed to the hospital and had an emergency appendectomy but I WAS NOT going to leave the class early for that. The class was AMAZING from class room to range. My wife and I had never shot pistols before and we learned so much from class room and range. We left that class with not only a HEAD knowledge but also a HEART knowledge and our self confidence has increased tremendously. We will be attending the Defensive Pistol Class on March 25th and can not wait to get there. We anticipate more knowledge, more fellowship, more self confidence and more fun so what more could you want!

Mon March 6, 2017

Great CCW class. Jeremy gave a LOT of information without making it boring and uninteresting. He was also great with the range portion helping the shooters tighten their groups.

Thu February 23, 2017

Excellent course. Very knowledgeable instructors that give you excellent insight in the laws regarding concealed and non concealed carry. Even the most experienced shooter can learn from these guys. Highly recommended.

Tue February 21, 2017

Great class, great instructors! Very easy to work with and learn from! Very helpful and instructional without making the students feel as if they're substandard!

Tue February 21, 2017

Everyone was extremely helpful and understanding of the fact that I was a real novice. Great class!

Tue February 21, 2017

Completed the concealed carry class today and it was excellent! Classroom time was very informative and came with a little humor to keep it interesting. While I felt my skills on the range was good enough since I was firing with a gun that I had just purchased and never fired; the one on one time with the instructors improved it greatly. Can't wait to go back next month for the defensive pistol class. I would highly recommend them. And they were the best priced place I found while looking for the CC class

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